At UPL Marketing our vision is to ignite imagination, challenge the impossible and inspire for the future. We dedicate ourselves to understanding people, their perceptions and then challenging the boundaries of traditional marketing. As your creative partner, we become responsible for your sales creativity, inspiration and engagement.

Your first point of contact with our team will be with a business strategist. Experienced in business, marketing and engagement your strategy begins from day one. Our unique agency combines a team of advertisers and developers, allowing us to grow your strategy and implement it; clear communication and understanding is the key to this success.



Our advertising campaigns are built upon on your objectives, brand profile and target audience. With a true understanding of buyer personas our inclusive strategy will target all relevant marketing platforms.



Our team work with you to develop concepts and specifications into interactive, engaging marketing for your business to inspire users; transforming leads into conversions.



We have worked with lots of amazing individuals and teams to create inspirational work with which we are proud to present. Please catch-up on our case studies and notice how we approach each project with a unique strategy for both business and marketing.

  • Lucy's Boutique

    Making e-commerce fashionable

    Lucy’s Boutique is a well-established fashion store who retail dresses and party wear to the female population of the UK. The boutique required a renovation to their online store and order processing. Once their new web presence was a full function e-commerce experience, our marketing team worked with the team to rethink current interaction with customers and develop a digital marketing strategy for growth. We provide an all-round e-commerce and marketing solution to the boutique and are taking new marketing techniques by storm and consistently developing seasonal campaigns.




    Social Media Strategy
    Digital Adverts

  • Avenge Laser

    Precision interaction

    Part of Canterbury’s all-inclusive leisure centre, Canterbury Leisure. Avenge Laser is an adventurous all action laser tag arena where Canterbury’s young gunners come to put their tactical wits against one another. Avenge Laser required brand identification and an online presence to showcase their action arena and enable customers to complete online bookings. The UPL Marketing team viewed the arena to get real insiders feel as to how it is best to attack this project. Once tactics were spoken, the designing began…


    Website Development
    Booking Integration
    Brand Identity

  • Lucy Mecklenburgh

    Engagement at it's highest

    Renowned business women having starred on The Only Way is Essex has built her empire based on fitness and style. With industry leading brand Results With Lucy and her online fashion store Lucy’s Boutique; engagement and interaction with her fans are the keys to understanding her audience, developing products and driving traffic. We worked with Lucy to develop a digital strategy which focused on engagement and social understanding to increase the business’ brand awareness. The strategy led the way for a conceptual blog which has opened the door for a deeper level of interaction with Lucy’s followers.


    Blog Development
    Brand Identity


    Social Media Strategy
    Social Analysis

  • Two Corks

    Modern approaches

    Two Corks is an online quirky wine merchant who offers a range of wines, spirits and champagnes alongside modern subscription boxes nationally in the UK. Their objective is to take a traditional industry by storm with new modern marketing and design. They pride themselves with their selection process by tasting and offering highly commended wines. They required a team who would incorporate all of their inspirational concepts and form an online presence which instantly engaged visitors with their modern approach to wine.


    Brand Identity


    Social Media Strategy
    Digital Advertising


Josie Stevens
I can't recommend the team at UPL highly enough. From start to finish they made my web design project easy. What was really important to me was having someone who listened and understood where I was trying to go with my final product. Every member of the team made me feel important and the feedback I've had on my final website has truly been fantastic. If you're in need of guidance, support and a brilliant end result you won't go wrong working with these guys.Josie StevensNot Just A Dress
Nichola Nunn
I put my trust and my ideas into these guys and they delivered that and more, couldn't be any happier. Their skills and knowledge in business and marketing along with experience in web design play a key role in how they made my website. They looked at every possibility to make me shine and help make my products look great. I would recommend them every time. They also give great help after your website is made and are always friendly.Nichola NunnNichola Nunn Photography
Daniel Dunn
We worked with Uplink Media to create a slick, stylish and effective website for Paperplanes. It was crucial that the overall presentation and customer experience outperformed expectations as the website is many prospects first interaction with your brand. I was blown away by the responsiveness of the Uplink, the value returned from our investment and professionalism and quality of their service. I would recommend to anyone looking to create a website that stands out.Daniel DunnFly Paper Planes
Danni Armstrong
On recommendation from a similar business we commissioned Uplink to produce our new website some 2 years ago “danniboutique.co.uk”. Rob and his team provided exceptional advice in producing a bespoke website that met all our needs. Prior to our launch and to date Uplink provide quality on site staff training. The support team are always available displaying amazing patience with us technophobes!!!Danni ArmstrongDanni Boutique
Paul Mecklenburgh
The team at UpLinkMedia manage our social media channels using their strategy to build our community on social media.. Not only has it boosted our following but it has improved our sales and our relationship with customers. They are very accommodating and regularly meet with us to discuss their plans.Paul MecklenburghLucy's Boutique


We have developed our Step Path process to inspire new marketing strategies. We lay out your customer’s journey and identify path elements throughout their engagement with your business. Through the identification of triggers, actions and touchpoints our campaigns ensure every opportunity to progress or convert has a clear strategy. A quick example may be someone visiting your website (a touchpoint), entering their email address into your email list (a trigger) and us then sending them a series of emails focusing on specific services or product (an action). This form of marketing is programmatic; we deliver relevant engaging content at the optimum point in time encouraging the flow of customers to conversion.


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