Why our courses?

Our Socialite social media course is designed to give social media beginners a strong insight of what social media management is, how you can do it effectively and why you are doing what you are doing. You should attend if you are not as confident on social media as you would like to be, if you are looking to run strong social media campaigns and if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. This course is open to anyone and everyone - whether you are 20 something with a start up or a bit older with an established company wanting to gain an understanding. The follow up course is Spend Up.


Our socialite course is designed to explain social media and its principles from the basics. We focus on how to approach different social media platforms, how to relate to your audience and what make good content. The important factor of our courses is that we relate all of the above to how you can increase your income!


- What is Social, and who is your business?
- Who are your audience?
- Where to be social?
- How to be social?
- Develop your presence


- Create a business identity online
- Discovery of your audience
- Develop a social media campaign
- Use social media platforms
- Create a social media calendar
- Plan and schedule your posts
- Report and develop your strategy

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