Everyone knows about social media and the chances are that if you’re not on it already, then someone would’ve suggested that you sign up to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and it’s no surprise seeing as there are currently (Aug 2017) 2.01 billion active monthly Facebook users. So, you’re a business, you either have Facebook or you don’t, but do you really know why it’s important and how it can be utilised to massively boost brand awareness and sales? Well read on...

Customer, Company Relationship

No matter what industry you’re in, the odds are that at least 90% of your customers are on social media daily, checking updates and posting about their day. The benefit of this is that you can use your social media accounts to actually engage with your customers, whether it’s having a conversation, replying to a support question or asking them for ways to improve your business, social media is a great way to quickly build a good customer company relationship. This will then lead to them sharing your content and shouting about your company to their followers and as we all know, word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and with social media giving people the ability to tell hundreds of followers how good you are, giving a good service on social media is a no brainer.

Going from Paper Boy to an Uncapped Audience

If you’re not on social media, then you’re probably paying someone to hand out leaflets for your business or you have an ad in the local advertiser. Now think, you’re paying for the leaflet design and print, someone to hand them out to a limited number of houses or people per day, and you can’t be sure how many of those people are actually interested in your product. The beauty of social media is that using detailed targeting and strategies, you can target your exact audience from anywhere in the world and actually report on the performance. The audience is also uncapped and you can reach hundreds of thousands through social media for the same cost of handing out leaflets in one town. This means no more guessing and no more money wasting as you get to hit your exact audience where they spend the majority of their time – scrolling through their social media.

You get Proactive and Fight the Reactive

Proactive marketing vs reactive marketing – a question which we get asked a lot and we even wrote a blog on it (read here). Proactive marketing is placing your product in the face of your customers before they think about wanting your product. This is compared against reactive marketing, which is waiting for a customer to search for you or walk past your shop window and then considering your product. As marketers, we say to cover both sides, but always have a key focus on proactive marketing. This is achieved by showing your product to your social followers or through your preferred audience through sponsored adverts, making people want to then click-through and buy your product. If a customer has clicked onto your advert and has a level of trust in you (achieved from an active social media account) then they are much more likely to buy from you rather than shopping about. Proactive also gives you the ability to deliver multiple adverts to different audiences, e.g. genders, age and incomes… Imagine asking your leaflet distributor to do that - proactive all the way baby!


To sum up, social media is an essential asset to any company and it’s something which should be taken seriously in your marketing plan. Having the ability to be in the same room as your customers in real time and actually being able to show millions of people your product without having to leave your room is a huge marketing advantage. Also, the current market is all about comparison sites but when you’re the first to be seen then you have the competitive advantage.

Sounds amazing, right? It’s about to get even better... Currently, social media is still growing and the costs of advertising are very low relative to other platforms due to the fact that Fortune 500 companies are slow to move over, meaning that it’s accessible for any sized business. So get in contact with us to get your social media professionally managed and some adverts up and running for you to take full advantage of this opportunity – we keep on top of the new available platforms so you’re always at an advantage.