When building your website, the design and how it works is extremely important. However, many companies forget to update it and keep it as interactive as possible once it is complete and goes live. It is important to know that those who view websites are likely to go back if it is interactive and up to date. Here are a few ideas of what to update and how to make your website as interactive as possible….

Updating your website

It is important to be continually updating your website, not only to upload new products or services, but to update those looking at your website as to what the latest company news is. If you are telling your readers what is happening in the company, it will make them relate to you and your team and they may feel they are part of a friendly team, and therefore are more likely to want to work with you.

One of the best ways to update your readers is by blogging. It is important to blog the things your readers want to see, for more information see our ‘right’ way to blog post. Regular blogs will draw your customers back in to visit your website more frequently.

If your company sells a product or service that give your customers a chance to see before and after pictures it is important to show these as it draws new customers to buying your product or service.

Making your website interactive

One way to make your website more interactive is to have a page introducing your team. If you have pictures of each member of your team introducing them and what they do, your customers will feel as though they are working with people that they and will feel more comfortable in talking to someone over email or telephone.

Another way to make sure your website is interactive is to have a press kit. This involves logos, ideas and all details that will be needed for someone to write about your company. This will encourage readers to write about your business and will mean that more people will be talking about and sharing about your business.

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