When you are writing a blog and want it to become successful, it is important to post the ‘right’ way. You can by all means write about anything you want to, in anyway you want to, as this is most of the time the reason people decide to start writing a blog. However, for it to become successful there are many things you can do to improve.

UpLink Media

Here at UpLink Media, we encourage those whom we develop websites for and work with to expand their business, to write a blog. Blogs engage with the customer and they feel they can relate more to the company or person and possibly even learn something from the blog.


The first and arguably the most important part of the blog is the subject line. It is what draws people in to read the blog. Most of the time, if they receive an update by email or find your blog through a search engine, the first and only thing they will see is the subject line. If it does not interest a person and make them want to read more, then your blog will not become the success you may want it to be.

Another important point to consider is the use of bold subheadings. Breaking up your blog into different parts with bold headings makes it easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. The importance of it being bold is that it stands out from the rest of the blog post. It breaks the post up and those reading will be more likely to carry on reading instead of closing the page.

The last important point regarding layout is to keep your styling consistent. If you begin your blogging one way and then change the style later on, those regular readers may decide to no longer continue reading as they no longer like the style of writing. Consistency is key!


It can be hard to know what to write each time. Many people like to do blog posts weekly, but coming up with the ideas to make this possible can be very difficult. The first thing to do to make things easier is, when you start your blog, research many different ideas. You will have so many when you first start out that it is crucial to write a list of them all. Keep this list safe and add to it when another idea pops into your head!

It is of the utmost importance to write what the readers want and be relatable! If you begin writing a business focused blog, you should continue this way. People who begin to read your blog want to read this type of blog continually.

One of the best things to do on your blog is to invite people to comment. Ask questions such as what would you like to hear? Engage with your readers! When people comment back, make sure you reply to the comments, people appreciate the response.

Of course, images images images! They will sell your blog to readers. People relate more to images that long paragraphs of writing so find relatable images and use them.

The most important point to consider when growing your blog is sharing on social media. The majority of your readers will come from social media. Your presence here is of the utmost importance. If you share your blog on twitter, facebook, tumblr and others you will be guaranteed more readers and therefore success. So, get sharing!

If you have any recommendations of tutorials or blogs you want to see, let us know!