Social media is becoming an important part of a business. It allows all businesses both big and small to share content with thousands of people at a time. People from around the world can see a businesses content that they would otherwise never see. It is however, hard to know when beginning to use social media, to know what should and should not be posted. Some people are still very skeptical about social media, and question the benefits of it.

Benefits of using social media for your business

When starting a company or trying to expand your company, social media can become extremely important. The larger your online presence becomes, the faster your business can grow. People from around the country and even around the world can see what your business offers, which without the use of social media, would not be possible.

There is also huge potential when it comes to advertising. Facebook especially can help you to understand who your audience is and who is responding to your posts. When advertising on Facebook, it allows you to focus on reaching your target audience, also finding new customers and expanding your audience to those who may not have seen it otherwise.

Social media allows immediate responses, showing you what your customers like or don’t like, and even what they do and do not agree with. This will help your company to know what products will sell. Therefore, allowing you to get ahead of competitors as your products and services are personalised to your customer’s needs and wants.

Social media allows you to promote your products, consequently leading more traffic to your website. Not only this, but the more people speak about and share posts about your company, your search ranking can increase.

What to share

It is important to only share what your customers are going to want to read. If you post something and your customers reply and respond in a positive way, it is clear that this is the type of information they want to see. Your engagement levels will show you exactly what is working and what is not.

Another important point is to give your customers interesting information, not just to push sales all the time. Your customers will likely want to see something other than another sales tweet in a morning. (They will already see a lot of sales tweets/post from the majority of companies!)

Not only are Twitter and Facebook important social media platforms, but Instagram and Pinterest are becoming huge platforms to share pictures. (After all, they do say a picture says a thousand words.)

There are so many opportunities when using social media, contact us about our social media packages and for any more information.