Digital marketing is still a rapidly growing market, what it is today will more than likely change tomorrow so it is important to understand the principles, this way when it changes you’re more likely to understand why and how you can leverage that.

As you may be aware most social platforms used to be free for everyone to use. Businesses would simply login, add everyone they could find and build a huge friend list. Then naturally they would post as much about their product as possible. This quickly filled users social feeds with meaningless rubbish. This obviously becomes an issue for social media platforms who now found their users bored and looking elsewhere for interesting content.

Social media platforms don’t let this happen, instead they switch to algorithmic social feeds. And yes it’s as complicated as it sounds. The basics is that the software reads every action you make and shows you what you interact with most.

This new ‘smart’ feed, means businesses can no longer post unengaging, typical sales content, they need to be clever and relate with their audience. 9 times out of 10 a client would normally sigh when they hear this, but just stop and think, is it really bad thing? Yes you have to try harder for your content to be seen, but now you’re not in competition with 500 others in your local area throwing out the same thing. Now you actually have to think of engaging content so you can’t get lazy!

On our social media courses you can learn more about how to curate engaging content, what aspects the social algorithms look for and how to use these to your advantage. It isn’t hugely difficult, yes more time consuming, but it forces you to understand your audience which ultimately will help you sell more product. So why engage? To sell more. Simple.