So you’ve started your business and you have a budget set to get yourself out there, but the question comes in – where do I spend it? Should I do pay to advertise on Facebook or do I invest into my SEO? They’re both an essential for a business but which one is REALLY important?


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation - has always been seen as a necessity for all businesses and it’s a dream that your website will rank number one over all search engines for your keywords. People will pay a huge amount every month to build up their ranking and get those robots to be able to find your site, however, is this really the best way to spend your budget? If you have a pretty healthy monthly marketing budget or selling to a niche market then yes, but if you’re a small or medium sized business trying to get yourself out there in a mass market then potentially not.


The problem with SEO is that you’re hanging about waiting for someone to search in your keyword; for example, if you’re selling a fitness DVD, you’re waiting for someone to type in ‘Fitness DVD’ or ‘How to lose weight’. Now, if you have a look at the search popularity of these keywords, they are huge! This means that it’s going to be very difficult to place even within the first three pages, let alone the first page! Leading you to have to rethink the way you get your name out there. Thankfully, there are more platforms available to use!


Our most used platforms for digital marketing are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and why is that? You have the opportunity to target your adverts to the exact audience that you want to buy your product. Going back to the Fitness DVD, would you rather wait for someone to search for the DVD or would you put a budget on an advert targeting the exact age group, location and interests which appeal to your company? I know what I’d choose! Your advert will be seen on your clients’ social media, meaning that it’s always in their faces – while they’re on the train, cooking dinner or watching TV, they’re always getting the idea to go and buy your product!


So, whether you’re looking to strengthen your SEO score or get yourself out there and converting customers from all over social media then get in touch with us today and we’ll see what we can do for you!