Social Media has taken the marketing world by storm. However, how do you make social media work for your business? Quite simply, social media allows your business to become a person. This person has values, beliefs and a personality. Understanding how to give your business a personality and how to use this person to make ‘friends’ and grow a community, will empower your business to grow on social media. You cannot rely on ‘the younger generation’ because they know how to use an iPhone, social media is about marketing; understanding your audience, relating to them and asking for a sale, the right way.


Our training team are real professionals - they live and breathe social media and will work with you to understand the platforms, and how to enjoy being social for your business. On all of our courses we focus on developing knowledge on how to use social media to post, engage with followers and more on the technical side. However, our unique approach is that we teach you this alongside the strategy, which explains why you are doing what you are doing and how this will impact on results.

To summarise, you will learn what social media is, how to use it, and how to make it kick-ass for your business. We will leave you with lots of resources and even invite you to join our social group where we continue supporting you in the future.


We design our courses for business owners and brands. We focus our courses for those who wish to build a brand and a persona to influence a result. The good news is we do not expect you to have ever used social media before; we will start from scratch (if we need to).


The best bit! When you attend one of our courses, we give you a full pack. Your pack will include all of the slides from your course as well as our social management pack which includes planning documents, software/resource information and track and review plans.


If you are one of a team or even a CEO with an in-house team and you would like to progress the team's knowledge and approach to social media we offer fully bespoke training packages. Feel free to mix and match; we can build your social strategy and then train your team how to make it happen!




I was put onto the UpLinkSocial Socialite course by the owner of my business as he wanted me to work on building out our social brand awareness and actually have a strategy which could lead to sales. I was so surprised by how much I could learn about marketing a business on social media in such a short session. I have used the techniques given to me and have had great results, my boss has been really impressed!Nick
I did the Socialite course with UpLinkSocial as I really wanted to learn how I could jump on this social media trend and actually make it work for my business. After the session, I had amazing results and actually understood how and what I should be posting to actually increase sales. I also learnt how important it is to report on my social media and how I could then learn from my results. Rob and Harry were also great at instructing the course and got everyone involved and created a really comfortable and fun learning atmosphere.Leanne


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