Our mission at UPL Marketing is to ignite imagination, challenge the impossible and inspire for the future. Delivering high-impact campaigns and strategies, our close relationships are the key to our success. In taking the time to research, understand, live and breathe your brand and vision we are able to ensure you stay at the forefront of the market.


Marketing in the past decade is reaching new levels of sophistication. Effectively everything is changing; magazines are going online, people are checking their social media feeds more often than ever and we now know more about people than ever before!

It’s important to understand that although we are changing where we market the principles of marketing are the same. There is still a customer, a product and a process to influence sales. Modern marketing and social media is simply giving us a better way to do this. That being said, you need a strategy, engaging content and the knowledge of these channels to make them work. This is where we step in.








Expert strategy-led campaign’s to launch and grow your business in the digital world. You will reach your audience like never-before, engage with them directly and convert them to purchase.

Social Media

Social media is now used by over one quarter of the world’s population. Social media gives your business the power to engage with them on social level, build a relationship and ask for a sale.

Paid Media Management

PPC, CPC, CPM – in simple terms your marketing budget will spent reaching only your audience and every penny will count. We build digital campaigns for social, search and display adverts.

Marketing Automation

Ever heard timing is key? Automation allows us to deliver relevant marketing messages and materials to your clients based on their engagement with your business and website.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day! Through intelligent techniques our team will optimize your business for search engines giving your business ‘results’ in results.

Content Marketing

Blogs, social, emails – all content, all marketing. Your content if strategy-led and professional produced will empower your marketing. Content marketing is customer service at it’s best.

Email Marketing

Think engaging and clickable marketing genius. Emails have fast become the go-to solution. Now a true art, we work with you to generate clicks and conversions from your email marketing.

Production Management

Designing, producing and editing inspiration visual content will ensure your marketing is a true success. Our team will coordinate photo-shoots, video-shoots and post production for your marketing campaigns.


Digital development covers a range of services including; branding, websites, mobile apps and e-commerce. Our approach to development involves understanding your needs and most importantly the goals of the solution you are looking to build. We’ll work to inspire you with new and exciting ways to push boundaries and really engage your customers. You’ll find, when working with our team, a passion and precision for understand your audience, the user and the way they interact with your material. We centre your solution around the user, understanding the need to interact and inspire users to engage with your brand, website or shop.

No two development projects are the same however our approach ensures your development is time and cost efficient and most importantly matches your specification. As you can imagine this all comes from communication, a value of our business and a key requirement for us working together.


Server Provision

Content Curation

Site Development




Your brand defines your business and its values. Our team will understand your business, audience and industry to define your brands language, tonality and physical appearance; personifying your brand.


To exceed with online retail you will need a team who understand the science behind conversions, user experience and of programmatic marketing. Our service is fully inclusive, we even help setup postage!

Website Development

We have a passion for developing interactive websites, we believe your customers should always want to come back. We will work with your to develop a website which sells your business and engages customers.

Brochure Apps

Mobile apps provide accessibility. The easiest way for customers to engage with you is to have a one-click approach! Our brochure apps are relative inexpensive and provide a range of interactive features.

Graphic Design

When working alongside our creative team you will enjoy bringing your project to life. Our graphics range from print to digital and include illustration, visual identity, marketing materials and magazines.

Bespoke Apps

If you have an idea for a mobile application and would like to bring your idea to market our team will work with you to develop and market your application. We’ll get started by researching marketing placement.

Landing Pages

With content and programmatic marketing perfecting sales funnels our landing pages are designed to educate customers and provide clear call to actions. Now your business can have targeted pages which convert.

Search Engine Optimisation

With Google reaching 3.5 billion searches per day it makes sense to have your business ready for results! We will learn your business and discover the keywords; implementing and maintaining your optimisation.


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