Branding is an extremely important tool for your business, and it goes much further than just a logo. Branding includes the entire customer experience, including your logo, website, social media, advertising and everything in between. It covers everything to do with how your customer sees you and your company. Having a good brand does not just happen it takes time and planning. There are many reasons why branding will be extremely important for you...

Recognition and Trust

People will tend to go to businesses that they know and trust. Take Apple for example, the branding remains the same throughout and it has become a brand that people trust so will go back to. Therefore, if you have branding that is easy to recognise and consistent throughout your business, people will feel comfortable in using your business to use or purchase from. It starts with your logo and goes from there, your logo is the ‘face’ of your company. A powerful logo goes a long way in your branding, so keep it professional and polished.


Advertising is essential for your business, having a recognisable brand will draw people in. If you have an advert with different colours and different fonts, people will be much less likely to come to your business. Using the Apple example again, if you see an advert for the new iPhone, there will be the plain logo and straight away you will want to know more. Branding will help to grow your business to be well known and trusted. Knowing what to advertise is another question!

Building your business

Once you have established a brand, your employees will have something to work towards. They will have something to show and be proud of when contacting your customers. Your brand will show the mission and ideas of your business, it will show what sets you apart from the competition.

Your current customers are likely to refer your business if the branding is professional and consistent. People love to tell others about brands they use and love, however if the branding is not there they won’t remember it, and you can’t tell someone about a brand that you can’t remember!

It all starts with an idea and a plan, great branding will come from there, but it is so important. Strong branding will take your business from good to great, opening your business up to new customers.

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